Daymaker is a compassion platform that prides itself on a personal, longitudinal, and empwowering transfer of resources.


We partner with high-impact 501c3 nonprofit organizations working in communities facing systemic and persistent challenges. Our partners provide descriptions, needs, and interests of the children they serve on a day-to-day basis. We turn these into the profiles you see.


Choose a story that resonates––whether the child reminds you of your niece or you simply feel the potential they hold if given some support. Choose the gifts you’d like to send, and add them to your cart. You can checkout with debit/credit card or Paypal through our secure, PCI-compliant payment processor.


Send a message of love and solidarity to go alongside your gifts. Track your generosity at every step of the way as items are shipped, delivered, and gifted. The gift itself is only part of the impact. With it and your interest in your receiver's well-being, you are sending a message to the child that they are not alone, and that they are cared about by a new friend.

Get to Know the Daymaker Details

We see Daymaker as a compassion platform. We believe in giving as a vehicle for us to live into our individual and collective well-being while transferring resources so every kid has the potential to lead a life of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. What makes Daymaker special is the one-to-one connection each giver builds with a child and their specific needs, nestled within a communal giving experience. We run seasonal giving campaigns that enable givers to contribute holistically to a child’s development by purchasing from a variety of items and interventions, uniquely tailored for that child. Over time, these individual acts of generosity generate longitudinal change for the children we serve while also enabling givers to continually live into their innate love for others.

  1. Visit your company page and read through profiles of children uploaded by our high-impact nonprofit partners. Join in on a teammate's giving or begin contributing to a new wish list.
  2. Read about the child, their interests, and choose an item from their wish list. Wish lists are formed at the intersection of our nonprofit partners feedback, the interests of each child, and the needs of the time.
  3. Check out using your credit card or PayPal account through our secure, PCI-compliant, payment processing system.
  4. Send a message alongside your gift, and see the inspiration your other teammates are sharing.
  5. Track as your donation is shipped, delivered, and gifted to the child you've chosen to support.

Beginning with our summer campaign, Hope at Home, we introduced a three-year committment to our partners and the children they serve. It is an opportunity to provide sustained and systemic support to populations who have been historically overlooked and underserved. Consistent resource support can change a child's trajectory when they are living life on the margins. If you choose to assist a child who has been activated for Receiver's Journey, you will see their profile again at our next campaign with an update on how they are progressing. At each future campaign, we will be introducing enablements that speak to each child's unique needs through the lens of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is our hope to build a village of givers to support these kids over time.

Yes! As a part of your company's relationship with Daymaker, we are delighted to work directly with smaller subsets of companies that are looking for engagement support and/or want to explore deeper activations. Feel free to reach out to [email protected]

Daymaker Discovery bundles are hand-selected by the Daymaker team to be uniquely relevant for the unique circumstances of Fall 2020. They provide intellectual stimulation during a period of altered learning environments, inspiration from a diverse set of heroes during a period of examining racial injustice, and hope during a period of intensified stressors at home.

Each month's bundle is a thematic combination of our favorite physical items & gifts we've discovered through our years of running giving campaigns. Bundles also include literature on racial equity and profiles of diverse heroes related to that month's theme. Finally, we share uplifting messages of encouragement sourced from our team, our favorite authors, and the messages that our wonderful donors share to children.

You are welcome to sponsor one month or all four months. It is our hope to provide every child with a full subscription to providee hope in this disjointed and potentially overwhelming fall.

Our next campaign will be next back-to-school (it doesn't like like a spring campaign with an in-person component is safely on the table with the pandemic). If you've chosen to help a child with Receiver's Journey enabled, during the next campaign, you will see: their profile, an update on how they're doing and growing, and an opportunity to again contribute resources tailored to their needs.

Daymaker works with local chapters of some of the most reputable nonprofits around the country who understand the unique needs in their communities. We rely on these 501c3 organizations - with the most favorable ratings from nonprofit auditing groups - to identify low-income or at-risk children who would be good candidates to receive resources via Daymaker.

You are able to track your item(s) at every step of the way, and you will be notified via email. We work with some of the most reputable organizations in the country who do their very best to ensure the specific items make it to each child. We are supporting partners in their unique distribution challenges on a 1-by-1 basis. In many cases, partners are shipping items directly to families as they do not have safe access to distribute. In others, they are doing time-slots for pick ups at an organization warehouse or a local community center. We admire our partners for doing everything they can to still show up for their kids in this time.

Checkout is hosted through Braintree, a PayPal company. Credit Card information never touches our servers, instead processing directly through Braintree. Braintree is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS compliant service provider and on both MasterCard and Visa's list of preferred providers.

It is! Your tax receipt will be automatically issued by the 501c3 receiving the donation once the items are shipped. You can find each receipt in your Daymaker account under "Giving History."

We offer products through partnerships with a host of manufacturers whose products help empower Daymaker recipients while also bringing a huge smile to their faces. We put every product through an internal process to make sure it meets our criteria of being inspiring, engaging, and good for the world.

We're always looking for high-impact organizations with which to partner, especially if you have an important market for your company where we aren't currently represented. Email [email protected]

Shipping is included as a $2.50 flat fee addition to each item. Nothing additional is added beyond what you see in the product price. We would love to charge nothing for shipping. In reality, this would likely put us under as an organization. We are not Amazon and do not have access to unlimited capital to subsidize shipping. We have worked hard for givers to minimize the cost through bundling items 25-30 per box and equipping our NP partners with a mobile app for seamless distribution. When we process an order through our warehouse, it is cross-referenced across FedEx, UPS, and USPS to find the cheapest option.

Daymaker is proud to operate beyond the confines of "for profit" or "nonprofit" as a Certified Benefit Corporation. From the founding days, we said we did not want to charge a donor to give or a nonprofit to receive. We are funded by y the sale of items on the Daymaker platform and our agreements with company partners. We've been fortunate to work out relationships with our manufacturers as we are buying items in bulk at a discount and selling them at the retail value. This margin allows us to continue doing the good we aim for without having to charge donors, nonprofits, or solicit charitable contributions. In many cases, the pricing of the items you see on Daymaker will be the same as another retail platform such as Target. There are times you may find items are cheaper on Amazon as a seller there may be violating a manufacturer's retail price policy (there is a larger conversation to be had around Amazon and what it means for small, intentionally crafted brands if you're interested).

The Daymaker Team is: Brent Macon, Ghazale Jonston, Katie Dickerson, Jack Wohlfert, Lane Rankin, Thomas Doochin, and tens of other really good humans that support us directly and indirectly. We show up every day because we believe in the goodness of people. We believe in every child's potential. We believe we're happier, more fufilled people when all are thriving. Check out more of our stories on the blog.


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