Party & Give

Our online party invitation service helps you invite friends to your child’s party and give back in the process.

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How It Works

Create your page and find your first birthday buddy

We partner with well-known nonprofits in your community that identify children in need of a birthday surprise.

Invite your friends to join in

Create personalized invitations, send them to your guest list, and manage RSVPs—all in one place.

Watch the magic happen

Party guests will buy gifts for your birthday buddy as they RSVP. Soon enough, one birthday will have created many more.

Celebrate doing good

We’ll mail your child a Daymaker birthday box with wristbands, stickers, thank you notes, and special candle in honor of your birthday buddies.

Celebrate your birthday

Make others possible

Mimi turned 10 and had a blast decorating cake with her friends

Mimi matched with Renata

Renata’s family celebrated her 5th birthday and loved her new book

Colt had a water balloon toss in his backyard

Colt matched with Harry

Harry felt like a superstar
Lucas blew out candles and made a wish

Lucas matched with Omar

Omar opened his first ever birthday gifts

Making birthdays easy, fun, and meaningful for everyone

Hosts focus the birthday on experiences rather than things

Guests spend the same amount...but for those in need from the comforts of their home

Hosts manage RSVPs & party planning with ease

Guests avoid last minute errands and gift wrapping

Hosts share the joy of giving back with their children

Guests engage their own children in a meaningful learning experience

Watch how Lucas made Omar's birthday possible

Giving through Daymaker feels great because:

  • You can select the specific child you want to help
  • You know your gift is something the child truly wants and needs
  • We make it easy for your child to understand the importance of helping others
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