The 2017 Holiday Platform

As we sit back and watch thousands of packages arrive on the doorsteps of our nonprofit partners, we’re reflecting on a year that surpassed our highest expectations. This was all made possible by you and the community of kind, generous, and loving individuals of all ages across the country (and world).

The Big Picture


You helped us send FIVE TIMES as many gifts as last year to children in need in all over the country.

Daymaker Donors


We want to give a giant shout-out to: Afghanistan, Australia, Finland, Israel, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates as we had our very first donors from those countries this year. Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming: what did we do wrong?

Gifts Purchased


550+ families will be opening Bananagrams this holiday season. It’s one of our very favorites, and it makes our hearts warm to imagine the memories that will be created. One in five people who visited Daymaker this holiday season opened up their hearts to give gifts; that’s pretty incredible.

Social Shares


Across Facebook, Twitter, and email, donors talked, and their friends responded. A very special shoutout to Paul Scheer, who shared and had over 350 friends and fans participate.

In the Press


We made it through the entire season without missing an interview, although Thomas did break a sweat sprinting from Cheddar TV to HLN’s On The Story on Giving Tuesday.

Stories That Excite us

My daughter and I always loved adopting families for Christmas. We looked forward to it every year and always put so much thought into the gifts we chose. My daughter died at 11 from Cystic Fibrosis. This year on the anniversary of her death I happened to hear about Daymaker on TV. I instantly knew this was what I wanted to do to honor Alexis’ memory. What started out as a gift for one child has quickly turned into eight children! Thank you so much for making giving so easy. There’s no better feeling in the world.
2017 Holiday Donor
What Daymaker does is truly amazing. Thank you for helping us brighten the lives of the children we serve. Most of these children have a history of trauma and have difficulty enjoying the holiday season as a result. It is truly a gift to be able to connect with Daymaker and show these children that there is a network of people that care.
DARE Family Services

Our hearts are full of gratitude

When we set out for our biggest holiday giving season to date, we weren’t sure what to expect. The same optimism that led us to start Daymaker had us believing people would respond to fill tens of thousands of needs this holiday season, and you answered the call. There’s a story behind every donation. Whether it’s the grandmother in Florida who saved up all year to help kids during the holidays, or the seven year old who asked for no presents from family so she could fill wish lists for three kids down the street, or the family of four who sat around at dinner and picked a family just like theirs - these stories all matter because they make up this community. It’s a community of believers, of lovers, of those who seek all the good that’s out there. We’re honored to share this space with you. We hope you have the warmest of holidays. All of you are in our thoughts and in our hearts. Happy Holidays.


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