Be About Love: A Revival Story

Be About Love

Those were the words that came from a dear friend this spring. “If love is your purpose, then be about it always,” he insisted as we sat outside a Noe Valley coffee shop.

That was in the midst of what I would now call a revival of sorts for Daymaker. We had discovered a new essence—a new way of being in service to the world—and our form was no longer the best container to hold that essence. Our form was limiting our full expression because it was premised upon breadth, and for Daymaker to truly serve, we needed to focus on depth. At that point, it became clear to us that we could become incredibly “successful” in terms of scale, recognition, and even profit and never actually address the systems and beliefs that lead to Daymaker's needing to exist. We became increasingly aware of patterns in giving that were actually making people feel more separate and less connected—and we realized our role in perpetuating some of these.

During this period of soul searching, I came to see that Daymaker had always been about love--whether or not we were aware or used those words. From the beginning, we have been driven to help people give, give with others, and feel good doing it. And, as I see it now, the thread beneath all of that was a desire to help us open our hearts, see the good in others, and feel more connected to the world around us. We had always wanted to serve; there were simply some veils, stories, and beliefs along the way that disconnected us from that desire.

So, we’ve trimmed down the old tree, let go of branches that used to define our success, and planted a new seed. The new seed is premised upon connecting people in a way that brings down the traditional walls between ‘giver’ and ‘receiver.’ When those walls come down, we are able to see that to give necessitates we receive. And to receive, we must see the opportunity we give another to give. We aspire to facilitate acts that bring people closer to the ones they serve, to the world around them, and to themselves.

We have seen the spark in 10,000+ givers over the past five years. A spark that speaks to something so much greater than the act of simply exchanging resources from one who has to one who needs. This next chapter is about helping that spark become a fire—helping the seed become a magnificent tree. A fire that burns brightly for the one giving, the one receiving, and for our greater world. A tree that grows with a beauty such that it serves as inspiration for so many more.

There are elements from the past that will serve as a foundation for this next chapter: Daymaker is an experience that is accessible and enjoyable for all types of givers. The connection one feels when giving on Daymaker provides a glimpse at what is possible when we serve fully from our hearts. Our nonprofit partners and our product suppliers are some of the best humans we know, and we will keep building around them. We will continue to evolve the product to help people feel even greater depth and joy when giving. We will keep connecting givers to their acts of generosity in ways that meet them where they are on their journey. We will continue to build around the amplified impact on self and on others when giving happens as a collective.

And then, there is the unknown, full of endless possibility if we stay true to our new essence as we explore what’s to come. Our essence—our way of being—is guided by the question: how is Daymaker of the greatest service to those giving, those receiving, and to our planet? We sense we will continue to play in the space of employee experience and engagement—showing what a consistent and intentional giving program can do for a company’s culture to inspire more people to launch such programs. We hope can help people take small steps into generosity and gratitude that over time, then lead to people being more generous and grateful in spirit. This then creates a generous culture—within the company walls and far beyond. And, we hope our work will begin to evolve the beliefs and systems that lead to such disparity and separation in the first place.

“Be about love” — that we will try our very best to do. There is a freedom in trying to be of service to something far beyond this individual, human body. I think of the Bob Dylan song, “Gotta Serve Somebody.” He sings, “Indeed you're gonna have to serve somebody. Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord. But you're gonna have to serve somebody.” That man has some deep knowings. And if we are going to have to serve somebody, this next chapter in Daymaker is our attempt to be in service to love. In service to bringing us closer as people. In service to the repairing of our planet and of the human experience.

Thank you for bearing witness. Thank you for journeying with us. With love and gratitude,

Thomas Doochin
Co-founder and Chief Evangelist

An extra: Linked here is a recent podcast where we dive deeper into our revival if you’re interested.


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