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On March 28, 2017, CommuniGift became Daymaker. This post was published prior to that launch but is certainly a part of the wonderful journey that got us to where we are.

Our Charlotte Story

A few months back, CommuniGift piloted a platform that enabled birthday hosts to invite their party guests to gift to an underserved child, online while they RSVP. The team was beginning to talk about what city would come next after Los Angeles. Then, something special happened that is both bringing us out of pilot and back home to North Carolina.

From across the country, Charlottean Millie Johnston was turning 8 and decided to invite her party guests via CommuniGift to her Sports Connection birthday. She had chosen Abigail as her “birthday buddy,” and guests were able to RSVP and send a gift to Abigail, all in one spot!

Then… the people rallied.

79b6121261d0cd9012c786b2788652dd Guests became hosts. Within weeks, Millie’s guests decided to send their party invites via CommuniGift, choosing birthday buddies of their own. Then their guests became hosts, and we began to hear from parents that seemed to be as excited as we were to add a special meaning to birthdays.

The Tupperware parties. One parent offered to host a casual CommuniGift info night to share the concept with her friends. One info night became six, and all of a sudden we had a modern-day tupperware circuit in the making. The idea of providing children with a chance to give back and avoid the table full of presents bound for the bottom of the closets continued to resonate with parent after parent.

Localized giving. Thanks to many Charlotte parents we have been able to connect with some amazing local nonprofit partners. Our nonprofit partners help us find deserving kids to be “birthday buddies" and work to make sure they feel super special when the gifts arrive. Shoutout to Big Brothers Big Sisters, Florence Crittenton Services and the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Greater Charlotte.

The best birthday venues. The response had been incredible and we couldn't have been more excited. Then, Sports Connection and the Charlotte Checkers jumped on board, wanting to spread the word for all of their awesome parties.

The best people. A very special thank you goes out to the amazing Charlotte parents, mentioned above and listed below, for the incredibly warm welcome. Thank you for becoming Charlotte Charter Members, for hosting QC’s first birthdays, and for opening your homes to CG info nights over the past month.

One CommuniGift mom, Mary Conlon, said: “I think there are two things I want to instill in my children. The first one is that I want them to have fun—to enjoy life and to do things that make them happy, to be brave and to try new things. The second is to be a good citizen within your community—to learn how to serve and to give back to others. With CommuniGift, we could do both."

Our Charlotte Core: Whitney Ferguson. Tera Black. Lisa Roberts. Amy Mayor. Christen Greer. Jennifer Imler. Sarah Skaff. Sara Hall. Lindsey Smith. Meredith Repp. Nicole Kloss.Katie Hallaway. Allison Worthington. Theckla Pope. Lauren Woodruff. Ivy Tedrick. Amy Peterson. Leigh Smith. Pamela Jenkins. Jenny Helms. Kate Ronemus. Ghazale Johnston. Whitney Ferguson. Melissa Cronin. Bryn Dunn. Kelly Lee. Penelope Aluise. Laura Archibald. Anna Daly. Cheri Barden. Katharine Bolt. Jennifer Bryson. Lara Carson. Carrie Colwell. Jenny Craver. Stowe Demarest. Jen Danesis. Katherine Daniels. Katrina Dixon. Brittain Ellison. Samantha Goodman. Carrie Frye. Tracey Galloway. Lesley Garafola. Caroline Gefaell. Jamie Gerrard. Brindley Ghale. Melissa Hamilton. Janelle Tuck Lenhart. The Hardins. Meredith Heffner. Claire Herring. Sara Huitt. Tamra Jones. Jenny Jordan. Karen Joyce. Rebecca Klepser. Kelley Laughton. Lee Ellen Lawn. Cathy Lowe. Allison Malloy. Abbey Moeller. Kathy Mohanty. Katherine Mulford. Mish Nichols. Christi Pack. Meredith Parrish. Torey Parsons. Ann Patterson. Caroline Case. Andi Ricks. Kellie Rush. Cyndi Schumann. Caroline Shah-Khan. Jessica Stanfield. Katherine Smith. Karen Wagner. Liz Waller. Shelley Waple. Katie Warren. Amanda Blackburn. April Whitlock. Allison Wood. Monica Roush. Amy Powers. Nicole Fleetwood. Daralyn Nicholson. Stephanie Sharpe. Helen Burns. Cathy Piche. Stevee Baskerville. Mary Conlon. Franny Goshtasbpour. Lara Fleming. Rebecca Young. Julie Ahdieh. Courtney Lapham. Kristen Clark. Leigh-Christi Cooke. Mindy Miller. Melissa Bodford. Mazie Eismont. Vivian Munson. Alicia Wardlaw. Kristin Slattery. Holland Pulley. Adrienne Mauntel. Anna Daly. Rebecca Drendel. Spencer Melton. Boyce O’Tuel. Collin & Todd Haglund. Jenny Jordan. Court Young. Beverley Shull. Kimberly Mize. Jane & Will Caldwell. Brooks Grainger. Lauren Roberts. Suzanne Crutcher. Courtney Hyder. Danielle South. Virginia Hart. Elizabeth Nass. Ashleigh White. Dana Upchurch. Emily Kincade. Laura Monk. Leigh Ann Thomas. Liz Pollet. Mary Moss. Reid Simons. Sue Rose. Trina Smith. Leslie Mueller. Katie Coff. Karen Worrall. Susan Hoover. Barbie Halpern. Britta Patterson. Mary-Ellen Mcelroy. Heather Smith. Laura Knowlson. Alison Boyle. Heather Simmons. Mindy Van Heck. Chrissy Buckley. Lori Fenzl. Tracie Northan. Sonia Cleven. Erin Seneker. Amy Jacobson. Karey Tom. Casey Hickey. Mazie Eismont. Emily Smith. Mai-Lis Bahr. Karey Vera. Meghan Hampton. Kristen Clark. Heidi Hosmer. Dima Daher. Laura Patton. Kelly Adkisson. Kristen Cooper. Anne Lam. Chris Comrie. Kameron Kales. Laura Carlevatti. Sloan Jordan. Kendall Jones. Susan Hoover. Mandi Bell. Stephanie Alger. Jessica Stanfield. Laura Monk. Allison Herbert. Melissa Gustafson. Chrissy Brown. Kelly Brooks. Maria Fey.


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