Enabling others to live their gifts

We’re all a moment away from shining; we simply need an invitation

At Daymaker, we ask ourselves often: what makes for a meaningful gift? Whether we’re giving to our own children, our college best friend, or to a family in need, there is a common thread alive in all of these forms of generosity. Sure, at times, we simply give the gift we’ve seen in the GQ or Sesame Street gift guide. Or, we run to Target and snag the first item we find. While these are important as a sign of our love for somebody, they aren’t the gifts we remember.

Rather, the gifts we remember giving are those that enable the receiver to discover and live his/her own gifts. Each of us possesses a gift--a genius--to share with the world around us. Sometimes we’re aware of what that may be; other times, it’s hidden, waiting to be discovered. Either way, we need an invitation to live these gifts. Our gifts need space, they need nourishment, and they need acknowledgement to really shine. The best gifts to others, then, are not an end to themselves but rather a means to help the receiver on their journey to discover and live their own gifts.

So, this holiday season, we’re thinking about the gifts that enable one’s gift. It’s the typewriter for our friend we know is waiting for the moment to write their life’s story. It’s the cookbook on sustainable agriculture to nourish the desire our mom has to dive into the world of gardening. It’s the vinyl record we give to our partner that invites them to spend a Saturday afternoon learning how to play 50’s blues. And, in the context of this Daymaker world, it’s the engineering kit from GoldieBlox that invites the six-year-old girl to imagine and move towards a future as a builder. It’s the journal for the nine-year-old boy that helps him realize his feelings are his greatest power. It’s the basketball that gives the eleven-year-old a feeling and confidence that she belongs on the court.

So, cheers to a holiday season that helps us find and live our gifts. We know the world could certainly use them. We’d be honored if you felt compelled to help one of the thousands of kids on the Daymaker platform find their gift and feel celebrated year-round.

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P.S. We’re super excited about recent coverage on Yearmaker’s launch. You can see it on Forbes and The Washington Post.


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