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On March 28, 2017, CommuniGift became Daymaker. This post was published prior to that launch but is certainly a part of the wonderful journey that got us to where we are.

Week after week, more and more gifts are being sent to children who would otherwise go without on their birthday. The gifts, sent online by guests of CommuniGift Birthday parties, come in all different shapes and sizes. They each are a part of their own story.

A new backpack makes school exciting, and the right board game can bring the whole family together. That special book you once read as a kid—it's now bringing a familiar smile on the face of a birthday buddy. And, most importantly, we can't forget the blankets that kept us safe from the boogieman.

5 of the most gifted wish list items

Book:"The Giving Tree". One guest of a CommuniGift Birthday left this comment on the host’s birthday page after sending a gift to their birthday buddy online: “Happy birthday! We sent Bianca this awesome book that we both loved as kids! We hope you both have very special birthdays! We’ll see you at your party!
Game: Spot it!. Older brother and CommuniGift Team member Zack Newbauer loves seeing familiar presents go out. “ Spot it! is my favorite game to play with my little brother back in NC. I can’t tell you how cool it is to see Jonathan open the same game, knowing he has an older brother to play with.
Blanket: Batman. When something like a blanket is gifted, and it's received with such enthusiasm and appreciation, we're reminded what CommuniGift is all about. Kael, 9, said: "I love the blanket because now me and my brother can have our own!"
Backpacks (Jansport). Nonprofit Branch Jay Gonzales loves to see the students he works with get so excited about backpacks. He said: “When it comes down to the backpack, they’re opening it and they’re like ‘WHOA!’” “You see them rockin’ it the next day and it’s cool”
Frozen: EVERYTHING. Frozen has got to be the most popular wish list item. After her birthday surprise, 8-year-old birthday buddy Luna said: “Frozen is my favorite movie, I’m going to watch it while using my new blankie!”

A well-placed gift can empower and inspire. It can set a child up for success at school, or provide an outlet for creativity. We work every day with nonprofit case managers, teachers and family advocates to find the very best gifts out there that will foster a special birthday while meeting real needs.

With every unexpected gift, and every smile that follows, the meaning of birthdays continues to be redefined. It's incredible to watch as the next generation of givers learn at an early age they can become a part of the solution. It's equally moving to see so many lives brightened by unexpected, empowering gifts.

Here's to more gifts, more smiles, and more stories.


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