The Launch of Give Now

Today we launch Give Now. Here’s why:

In Feb of 2016 (back during our LA pilot), parents began coming to the platform hoping to start a conversation about giving back with their kids in a way that was personal and relatable. The problem was, at that time, only party hosts and guests could actually use the platform. Parents wanted more, but we weren’t ready. Our Party & Give birthday invitation platform was in its infancy, and we needed to invest in it 100%.

Sidebar: How fun and challenging is this… a product that requires the user to be at a certain point in time. We either had to access parents at the exactly right time or be so darn good they couldn’t forget us for several months until their child’s birthday rolled around. We set out to do both.

Still, in the background, a desire to simply start the conversation without waiting for a child’s birthday to roll around was heard loud and clear, and it is for that reason that we today launch Give Now. It’s a place to start... an opportunity to simplify, an opportunity to share the good of giving with your child.

We built Give Now for parents who wanted to start the conversation in advance of their child’s birthday. This tool helps share the simple joy of doing good with your child by choosing a gift for a kid who would otherwise go without.

Try it out: Give Now

Who else did we hear from?

Birthdays with no bash

Some older kids had been invited to a Daymaker Birthday and wanted to do something similar on their birthday but weren’t themselves having a party. Give Now is also for the 12-year-old with a big heart who wants to make a child’s birthday extra special.

Adults (kids at heart)

We also saw “kids at heart” coming to the platform wanting to help lift up a kid in need on their upcoming birthday. Give Now is for them too. We celebrate with the description and sending the perfect wish list item for the child who “comes to school every day with a smile and looks up to his big brothers” is something we want to celebrate, no matter your age.

Try Give Now

Thinking back

*Feb 2016* -- We’re thinking now back to those first few days in the wonderful world of Los Angeles when Give Now was mentioned for the first time.

At the time decided: “no not yet.”

Today we’re saying: “bring it on.”


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