Holiday Giving will look a bit different this year

A note from our CEO

Hi Friend,

I hope this note finds you well and settling into the chaos and joy the holiday season inevitably brings. This year, holiday giving will look different from years past on Daymaker. We are excited to introduce Yearmaker. Yearmaker enables you to make a real difference in the life of one, specific child over the course of the entire next year. Instead of purchasing five gifts from a wish list for just the holiday season, we invite you to select a child you and your family identify with for a more sustained relationship. You will be able to provide one gift at five, unique occasions over the next 12 months, starting with this holiday season. If you want to know more on our decision to move towards this model, see below. We are incredibly grateful for your love and support.

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It was not an easy decision to move away from the holiday giving model we (and many of you!) have grown to know and love. And honestly, it’s a bit scary; 10,000+ generous souls have opened their hearts to kids in need through our old model, and we’re now asking you to evolve with us. But, while it was not easy, it was clear this was the right evolution. The unfortunate reality for the populations we serve is one where dire need exists in every month of the year. As we think about our future and how we can help bring people together and heal inequality, we want to be a part of addressing the systemic and painful cycle of poverty. We see our best way of doing that as connecting those who want to help with those who need beyond one interaction during one season. We want to equip kids with the items they need to succeed year-round, and we want them to feel loved and cared about always. We have big dreams on where Yearmaker could go. Once that initial connection is formed, what magic could we create in years two or three of the relationship between donor and recipient? Could we address systematic expressions of poverty such as access to higher education? How could we bring people (and kids) together whose paths wouldn’t otherwise cross? That’s the vision here.

We put a lot of thought into the pricing structure as well. Our goal was to create this entity we knew was right without making it inaccessible to the people who love Daymaker most. The average donation last year was four gifts during the holidays. We formed our initial Yearmaker package of five gifts around this data point. At its core, we’re asking the following: instead of spending $100 to buy holiday gifts, spend $125 now to help over the year, and your impact on one child will be exponentially increased. It’s no more work; if you’d like, you can turn on automatic giving so you don’t have to remember to keep coming back. We so welcome your generosity in this season, and we’re simply spreading it out to make the greatest difference. For those who don’t quite feel comfortable spending $125, we don’t have a great solution yet; stay tuned, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

When we tested Yearmaker, people really seemed to like it. We sure hope that’s the case for you. We’ve also designed it to be a great gift to give to a special kid in your life, new/expecting parents who want to help another baby, or the adult friend who does not need another Jcrew sweater. We are here because of you, and we are here for you. Please reply to this email--or reach out directly--with questions, concerns, displays of love, etc. Thank you for being a big part of our journey. With love,

Thomas Doochin *Co-Founder & CEO of Daymaker *

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