Seeds of Hope:

The Overview.

Like many of the companies we work with, we had grand plans for the spring that did not consider nationwide pandemics and national health emergencies. Eventually, we’ll show you all the beautiful things we dreamt up. For now, we’re focused on what we do best: using our platform to bring people together regardless of circumstance, and illuminating the seeds of hope we all have within us.

In March we introduced “Apart, but Together", which is our answer to the uncertainty around us. We’re offering every human being the opportunity to provide immediate lift to the children and their families who are disproportionately affected by the public health crisis. By purchasing grocery store gift cards and special toys that inspire children during stay-at-home orders, Daymakers far and wide are helping to shoulder the burden these families are feeling.

We’re all experiencing this dramatic slow down of our lives in different ways, and almost all of this new to everyone. In the spirit of togetherness, over the coming weeks we want to highlight what’s happening for different members of the Daymaker ecosystem. Each week we will tell a story - of a company, a nonprofit partner, a family, a vendor and more. We will help share what life is like on the ground, including what seeds of hope that each entity has for how this crisis could inspire a more beautiful future. Yes, times are tough - but our resilience, kindness, love and generosity are stronger. The real story in all of this is what we are doing together.

Together we are adapting to the tough times we find ourselves in. We are making hilarious TikTok videos with our children, and playing neverending games of Monopoly. We are feeding each other, we are taking care of each other, and we are playing across the distance. We are finding new ways to connect digitally, whether that be through Zoom calls to celebrate birthdays, or online donation campaigns to help our community. Against the odds -- when our typical forms of showing up for each other were paused -- we made new ones. In the end when we look back on everything we’ve come through, I hope what we remember most are these shared connections and the sparks of joy and light that we found within each other and ourselves.

If you are interested in getting your company involved with this campaign, learn more here, or feel free to reach out directly.


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