Seeds of Hope: Daymaker

Living Fully in Today.

Running a business inherently means looking towards the future as the place of promise. Or at least, that’s how I have always seen it. And then, COVID-19 arrived, and in an odd way, I felt it brought some space for new stories to begin to emerge. Suddenly, we had an opportunity to live into our vision in the here and now.

I’ve been a part of the team creating Daymaker for seven years now in some form. For most of that period, I always felt that what we wanted was in the future. At some point in the near or distant future, we’d be making the impact we wanted to. At some point in the near or distant future, we’d have stability and could take a month away from the day-to-day, and everything would be alright. At some point in the near or distant future, we’d be steady enough that we could spend hours a week simply laughing with and loving each other as a team. The things I felt possible for us always felt on the horizon but never quite here.

Before COVID-19 and all the changes it brought, I was sitting next to our Chief Partnerships Officer, Brent, on a plane headed west for a coaching training in January. Brent was new to the Daymaker world, and we were talking about our aspirations for what could become of Daymaker. I remember saying something along the lines of:

When I really zoom out, is there actually anything that needs to change with our situation exactly as it is? I get to wake up every day in a place I love, open my computer, and try to use my gifts to work on something I feel is aligned with my heart. There are many challenges, and yet, this makes it fun. Would I want to use my gifts on something that didn’t require me to by my best? I have a sustenance. Not an enormous amount but plenty enough to support the life I feel supports me. I work with people I love who are also looking to create something that brings more love into our world. I am shown all of my edges and asked to soften in order for Daymaker to thrive. I don’t know if I could ever choose something better. I don’t want to pretend “salvation” lives in the future for Daymaker.

That feeling was almost a foreshadowing to what this period has illuminated for us. Through much of the spring, I found myself disconnected from the notion of gratitude for exactly what is. As our world shifted, Daymaker was looking at only a few months of operating capital, our plans were not shaping out as we hoped, and I found myself wanting this future moment where things were right, simple, and stable. I found myself disconnected from trusting in this moment exactly how it is.

On the flip side of that fear, uncertainty, and desire for stability, there sat an opportunity for vast possibility. The world as we’d known it was changing, and it seemed unlikely to ever return to exactly what we once knew. Given that, we asked, who did Daymaker want to be in this new world? There has been a “nowness” to everything since the middle of March. June doesn’t feel so guaranteed for Daymaker anymore so what light can we put into this world in this moment?

Yes, we have a grand vision around this bridge we can build at Daymaker to connect the human family through generosity. And also, we can celebrate the wholeness and impact of the sprouts that are rising in this very moment. This time has called us to live into our essence more than ever, and I hope that remains for months (and years) to come far beyond this virus.

So, the seed I hope this moment has planted is living fully in what we’ve been given today. Daymaker does not exist to maybe one-day hopefully be the entity we know we can be. Daymaker exists to live our potential each and every day. Through that lens, 2,000 gift cards sent during our Apart, but Together campaign is as Daymaker as the world where we sent 10,000 gift cards. The seeds we are planting are not always so seeable–much less measurable. As a dear friend and mentor puts it, if we keep showing up in line with our calling – or essence – we’ll end up in a way better place than we could have ever engineered ourselves. So, here is to continuing to show up from our hearts. Showing up from a story of all being woven together as a human family. Showing up from a place of love. Showing up for the now.

Thomas Doochin

Co-founder // Chief Believer // CEO

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