Seeds of Hope: Movement Mortgage

More Than Mortgages.

Movement isn’t your typical mortgage company, something you begin to understand as you read its mission statement: We exist to love and value people by leading a movement of change in our industry, in corporate cultures and in communities.

More than 4,000 employees are not just employed by Movement Mortgage but encouraged to take a stand and contribute to their communities. Whether it’s time, money or resources, Movement Mortgage wants to enable their team members for a journey of service, inspiring and empowering them along the way.

45% of the company is owned by the nonprofit Movement Foundation. The Foundation’s goal is to facilitate the employees of Movement being difference makers in their communities. The Foundation matches every donation an employee makes, so long as the donation is made to a nonprofit that inspires life, love and hope. They pay out $20 per employee volunteer hour to a different cause each quarter, with zero caps. They build churches and hope centers in other countries, subsidize mission trips, distribute shoes, collect and donate bottles of water, create comfort case weekend bags for foster children, and build condos for the homeless. They even build schools, as they view investing in children as one of the most powerful tools to impacting generational poverty.

It’s that dedication to children that makes Movement Mortgage and Daymaker such a great partnership. It’s also why the “Apart, but Together” campaign has been so important to them. With all Movement employees working from home, the chance to use Daymaker to digitally donate gift cards and enrichment items to under-resourced children and their families is a welcome opportunity to virtually help others.

Traditionally, Movement employees conduct a lot of their business in person - going to deed offices, inspecting houses, meeting with their clients and traveling around the country. They often spend days at a time on the road. During the pandemic, things are drastically different. Employees have had little breathing room to adjust - Movement has been experiencing its highest volume months in company history.

Lending rates are low (and fluctuating). There are obstacles like deed offices being closed and employment verification taking ten times longer than usual. To compound matters, employees are having to homeschool children and adjust to doing business online.

The Movement employee community has become an even more vital part of the company fabric during the challenging time, though connectivity is shifting forms. Though employees are apart physically, Movement is creating intentional moments of connection.

The full executive team hosts a daily ‘State of the Union’ for the final 15 minutes of each work day where they go through the day's learnings with all company employees.. They’re also hosting special webinars and Facebook lives and hopping on every day to learn together, laugh together and commiserate about how wildly different the mortgage world looks. Casey Crawford, the CEO of Movement, recently hosted an hour long webinar with over 3,000 viewers - something that would’ve been logistically infeasible in an office during normal times.

Knowing that so much of their hard work funnels back into their Foundation is the fuel that Movement employees need to press on during the crisis. Despite challenging circumstances, there are Seeds of Hope being planted along the way, and people are starting to realize that they welcome some of the new ways of life that accompany the upheaval to their work routines. Employees are reveling in the extra family time. They’re able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with their family, and it’s bringing them all closer. Though, admittedly, time is a little funky - blink and it’s Friday - the time is being passed with people they chose to create a life with, in a place they’ve built to be their own. The hectic moments that come when record business months are paired with being a homeschool teacher are creating opportunities for understanding, compassion, and shared humor. There will be many ‘inside jokes’ among coworkers who now understand more about each other’s human circumstances.

There are some elements of this new model that may continue in the eventual “post-covid” world. Blending in some work-from-home time along with in-office norms appears sustainable. Judging by Movement’s record-breaking numbers, the work will definitely get done, and then some. And, it allows for just a bit more time - almost a trick of finding more than 24 hours in a day. There’s time for more movies, board games, laughs, and family dinners. Time for researching the next cause, for dreaming up the next big project where Movement can make more magic in the community. Time for Movement to imagine the next way to be #MoreThanMortgages.

If you are interested in getting your company involved with this campaign, learn more here, or feel free to reach out directly.


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