Seeds of Hope: Sadie Short

Chickens, Birthdays, Neighbors and Happiness.

Daymaker began working with InVision, a company that is 100% fully distributed and the largest remote workforce in the nation, in 2018 during our Back to School campaign. Right away, we knew that the campaign lead, Sadie Short, was a special individual. Deeply passionate, kind, and determined to make Go Giving (InVision’s corporate responsibility program) as successful as possible. She has the ability to make an email about simple updates the best piece of correspondence you’ve received all week; she has the ability to really see you, hear you, and engage with you on a level that ensures you that you are truly cared about.

Under her guidance, InVision’s Go Giving program has become a staple of the company culture and we knew that going to her with our ideas for Apart, but Together would be equally as successful. We knew the folks at InVision would want a way to continue the connection that they foster while continually being remote as well as an ability to give back to the community around them in a safe manner.

Covid-19 certainly brought its challenges to every company, and though Sadie and InVision are uniquely inclined to succeed in a work-at-home environment, they still found small ways to come even closer together. Sadie knew that the current atmosphere would be a bit harsher on the parents within the company so she brainstormed to ensure that they would feel safe, heard, and loved throughout everything they were experiencing. Sadie was able to organize a couple of weeks of “Bring Your Child to Work” days, in which more than 20 children would show up each day and participate in show-and-tells, talent shows, important talks and conversations, art classes designed around InVision products, and more. For the parents- -turned-teachers, she arranged for multiple leaders and educators in the counseling and education space to allow for parents to ask questions, learn, and share what they were going through at home.

For Sadie personally, she knows, hopes, and even sees the good things that are arising from this massive change of pace. She feels that she’s been able to touch back down to earth again and sees others around her doing the same. People are reading books that have sat on their shelves for years and she’s been able to spend much time in her backyard weeding and sowing the earth around her while tending to her baby chickens.

Though she misses seeing her grandfather in person, being able to use technology to video chat and call him on the phone has been an incredible blessing. Her nephew, who celebrated a birthday during quarantine, said his social-distance-in-the-driveway-but-6-feet-apart birthday was the best birthday he’s ever had. Everyone was there, laughing, having fun, and eating delicious cake. They may have been Apart, but they never felt closer together. She’s met every single one of her neighbors, and they spend hours laughing and talking from their respective yards - previously, they had never had a conversation. She gets to spend more time with her partner, who rarely gets vacation time or time away from work. “Hey, Sadie, what’s that? Do you hear that?” He says. “What?!” she says. “Happiness. It’s Happiness.”

So, through all of this, while it’s been a tough and trying time, there have been so many beautiful traditions, moments, and memories that have come from all of it. She hopes that people have learned that it’s okay to slow down and to enjoy the smaller, quieter aspects of life. “You don’t have to do everything, all the time. It’s good to bake bread, and cook food, and laugh with your partner, and play in the yard. Read books to your kids.” Sometimes in the fast-paced world that we’re all so used to, those things fall by the wayside. She hopes that people walk away from all of this with a sense that we are all in this together, that kindness matters, and that no matter how far apart we may be, we’ve never felt closer.

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