The Unforgettable Moments

On March 28, 2017, CommuniGift became Daymaker. This post was published prior to that launch but is certainly a part of the wonderful journey that got us to where we are.

Tomorrow we're announcing some pretty big news. It's going to be big and fun and exciting, and we cannot wait to watch it unfold. Before we do that, we wanted to share some of our favorite moments over the past few years.

Let's take it back to the beginning...

The Student Project


Chapel Hill (February 15, 2014)—While in school at UNC-CH, we had an idea that charitable giving needed to be more simple and meaningful. What wasn't simple: clearing floodwater from our first ever workspace.

The First Smiles


Chapel Hill (August 15, 2014)—We saw our very first products purchased for a “back-to-school” pilot we ran that summer. We wanted to know if we could get meaningful items to the door of a nonprofit. These smiles told us it was possible.

The Angel


Los Angeles (January 15, 2015)—“Let’s take this idea further,” said an angel investor after hearing about the work we had done in the back to school and holiday space. With that support, we would develop a birthday sharing platform that would direct gifts to our nonprofit partners. We packed up and headed west.

The Launch


Los Angeles (June 20, 2015)—We launched the CommuniGift Birthday, a kid's birthday invitation platform that enabled party guests to purchase gifts online for a child in need while they RSVP'd to the party. That's where it really got interesting. 

The Bouncing


Los Angeles & Chapel Hill (August 20, 2015)—Coast to coast and home to home, we bounced. A few team members commuted back and forth to finish senior year, while one was left to brave the perils of LA short-stay housing.

The Community


CA, NC, NY, GA, CT, UT (January 15, 2016)—All around us, a community was forming. One party in Charlotte became 20 more when guests became hosts of their own. We formed local nonprofit partners and launched there two months later.

The Big Question


Charlotte (June 18, 2016)—Could this be a real business, and were we the ones who could pull it off? Behind the scenes concerns: long-term stability, a sustainable business model, fundraising, and staying resilient amongst all of the uncertainty.

The DeCision


Washington, D.C. (Sept 1, 2016)—We would try. We raised the money, signed a lease, and together committed to being the best versions of ourselves so that we might build something remarkable. 

The Holiday Red Eye


DC —> LA (Dec 20, 2016)—After a holiday giving season that exceeded our highest expectations, we found ourselves in a bind. The success: Donors from 50 states and 9 countries sent gifts to 100% of kids on the platform. The problem: $40,000+ donations in the last two days created inventory issues. The only way to ensure timely delivery in some markets became doing it by hand. We hopped on a flight west, sorted rooms full of gifts, loaded vans up, and loved every second. Then, we hopped on a red-eye right back to do it on the East Coast.

The 10,000th Gift


Atlanta (Jan 10, 2017)—"Dory Fantastmagory" became the 10,000th gift purchased on CommuniGift in the past year as it was sent to the door of The Study Hall in Atlanta, Georgia for a special 8th birthday surprise. Before a gift makes it into our lineup, we spend time thinking about what message it celebrates, and the potential impact it might have on the many children who will hold it in their hands. We are particular fans of gift 10,000.

Each of these stories has become a part of who we are, we're and holding them all close as tomorrow we begin a new chapter that builds on top of them. 

Thanks for joining us on the journey... Tomorrow will be fun.

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