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"I think there are two things I want to instill in my children. The first one is that I want them to have fun—to enjoy life and to do things that make them happy, to be brave and to try new things. The second is to be a good citizen within your community—to learn how to serve and to give back to others. With Daymaker, we could do both.”

Katie's Mom

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It starts with a conversation about what makes birthdays so special. Why do we look forward to them so much? What makes our stomachs drop just two seconds after we wake up and realize: today’s the day. Some of it is as tangible as the slice of our favorite kind of cake, while some of it is a little more nebulous—belly laughs... feeling special… the belief that anything can happen.

But do all kids count on the same birthday experience? Surely there are kids out there who don’t know what it feels like to celebrate a birthday. Many kids are surprised to learn that there are kids out there that have never opened a birthday present before :(

What if we helped? What if we took all the fun we were so looking forward to, and added to it the fun of making a special day possible for a birthday buddy? One of the coolest parts is that we can invite friends to join us—not just at the party, but in helping a birthday buddy along the way.

When it comes to your birthday page, make sure you have your profile and cover photos uploaded, and personalize the message to guests so they know what's going on. As the party nears, your birthday page will tell you who's coming and what's been gifted to your birthday buddy!

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