Ripple effect

On March 28, 2017, CommuniGift became Daymaker. This post was published prior to that launch but is certainly a part of the wonderful journey that got us to where we are.

It all started with Millie.

A few weeks before her party, friends received their invitation: “Celebrate and Give Back for Millie's Birthday!”


Millie had chosen to invite her friends to her party via CommuniGift, which meant they could send a gift to a child in need while they RSVP'd. Millie chose a girl named Abigail as her "birthday buddy." Millie thought about her best friend, also named Abigail, and how she would feel if she never had gotten to open a birthady gift before. Millie wanted her and her friends to help.

The invites went out, and that's when the magic started.

Friends began to RSVP to the party, send a gift to Abigail, and leave comments like: “Millie, this is so awesome! Sydney was excited to pick out a gift in your honor for your buddy Abigail. She can't wait for the party! :)”

Want a party reminder 40 days out? It wasn't long before Abigail's wishlist was fulfilled! Millie and her friends had spread joy to a child who wasn't expecting it, and Millie felt like a rockstar! Millie then found out that another birthday buddy was added to her page so the gifting could continue! Luna’s wish list was also fulfilled!

“She saw that this was coming together exactly how we talked about it,” Millie’s Mom said. On the day of the party, Millie handed out the white “I Gift Back” wristbands to her party guests before they dove into a day of laser tag and ropes courses! We asked two of Millie's best friends what happened. Katie said, "Communigift Birthdays are when you give something to someone who never gets a birthday present and so I gave Millie’s buddy The Giving Tree book and after I got a white bracelet in return." Abby continued, "I think giving feels good because you helped someone in need that day and it makes them happy and it makes you happy!"

Three weeks later, something special happened: “Celebrate and Give Back for Katie's Birthday!”

f3b3c03b9600a0bfb3f4bdf5a8b4fc60 One of Millie's best friends had decided to host a CommuniGift Birthday party too!

Millie couldn’t believe it. She was so excited to have a chance to be on the other side of things as a party guest. She RSVP’d to the party and now got to read about Katie’s birthday buddy, Ava. She decided to send Ava a doll from her wish list and then left a comment on her friend Katie's page: “I can’t wait to celebrate with you! Thanks for helping share the joy to Ava!” -- Millie

Katie had already received her white “I Gift Back” wristband for being a guest of a party, but as a host, she was now going to receive a CommuniGift Birthday box of her own, which included the special BLUE host wristband. Katie’s birthday ended up helping three birthday buddies! Ava, Samantha & Layla!
Abby (Millie and Katies's best friend) had now twice seen how fun it could be to give back and to help a child who typically goes without feel incredibly special on their birthday. They had done it together, and encouraged each other's decision. Abby began to look forward to her birthday for a new reason: She too wanted to pick a birthday buddy to help celebrate.

Finally the day came to send out Abby's invites, and her two best friends, Katie and Millie, received the email: “Celebrate and Give Back for Abby's Birthday!”


Between Millie, Katie & Abby's birthday parties, 7 kids who typically would go without on their birthdays now had very special days. One friend tried something new, and the others jumped at the opporunity to take part.

__Here's to the next generation of givers, giving back and doing it together! __


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