Why We Give

We Give to Remember Our Togetherness

The holidays have arrived, and that inevitably means even the most last-minute of us has spent some time thinking about how we will give this season. For many—and all of those receiving this who have used Daymaker—that reflection will include considering those whose circumstances look a bit different from our own. If your inbox looks anything like ours, there is no shortage of compelling pleas from organizations serving those in need.

In alignment with a time of year that encourages contemplation, we at Daymaker are asking: Why do we give? What does it mean to give? And who does it make us as people? There are many truths to these questions, and we share one perspective in this note.

Growing up, we’re told we’re distinctly separate from one another. We have our own bodies, our own feelings, and our own resources. That makes us—we are told—different from our neighbors with their own resources, feelings, and bodies. But, the truth as we see it: it’s not really that fun to be so separate. Our moments of deep joy and fulfillment often come through feeling like we belong to a tribe much greater than ourselves. For some, it’s a concert, a sporting event, or a meditation retreat. For others—including so many reading this now—that togetherness and belonging is felt when helping another human in need.

When we give, we remember our existence doesn’t have to only be about my wellbeing. It can be centered around our wellbeing. The individual is only as whole, happy, and strong as the collective. Even simply thinking about helping someone else is a beautiful act that can make us feel a part of something so much greater. And what a magical feeling that is—that we’re not alone but together in this crazy adventure called life.

So, on this lovely Friday, if you feel called to support one child in your community for the next year, we’d be honored to have you buy a Yearmaker package. It’s one of the last days to sign up and send your new buddy a holiday gift. Regardless, we are grateful for you on this journey with us. We hope this holiday season is one of feeling whole with a full heart. Go forth and be the wonderful you that you are.

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P.S. We’re super excited about recent coverage on Yearmaker’s launch. You can see it on Forbes and The Washington Post.


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