Giving for the whole family

My Family helps you track all of your kids’ giving and keeps them excited about doing good.

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A Daymaker Profile: Impact you can see

You can create a unique profile for each of your kids. You will see total gifts given across all opportunities, parties hosted, parties attended, and all of the badges they’ve earned. Daymaker presents this in a way kids can understand and feel good about.

Daymaker Badges: Impact you can celebrate

The idea here is to help reinforce many of the positive emotions around giving. Kids will earn special badges for giving at each opportunity and around certain milestones! Every once in a while, we’ll surprise with a special item in the mail relating to the giving opportunity you just supported. The more kids give, the higher their “giving membership level.”

Your Daymaker Dashboard: Impact that's easy

In your dashboard: see your giving history at an account level, track your donations live, and print all of your itemized donation receipts. This all works better when it’s engaging for the kids and easy for the parents.

Kick-start a conversation about giving back with your family.

Your kids will earn their first badge just for having a profile!

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