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Back-to-School 2019

Help every kid feel confident and capable walking into the classroom.

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Tanner Twetten supported 1 kid
2 years ago
Tanner purchased High Sierra Fatboy Backpack for Marley from Arizona's Children Association
Stacey Stark supported 1 kid
2 years ago
Stacey purchased 4 items for Bianca from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida
Colleen Robson supported 2 kids
2 years ago
Colleen purchased T.J. Maxx $25 Gift Card and Dino Camo Lunchbox for Luke and Peyton from Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica
Moira Dorst supported 4 kids
2 years ago
Moira purchased 9 items for Lena, Ander, and 2 other kids from Goodwin Connections, I Grow Chicago, and 1 other organization
Beth Gupta supported 1 kid
2 years ago
Beth purchased High Sierra Fatboy Backpack for Shelli from Tomchei LA
Courtni Clarke supported 1 kid
2 years ago
Courtni purchased Carabiner Water Bottle, Animal Pack Lunch Box and M&M's Earbuds for Jayleen from I Grow Chicago
Kolt Free supported 1 kid
2 years ago
Kolt purchased Carabiner Water Bottle, Save Me A Seat and High Sierra Fatboy Backpack for Stephanie from I Grow Chicago
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Campaign Recap

Written by one of the Daymaker OGs, Ghazale Johnston.

Well before Daymaker was born, we remember drug stores setting up collection bins at the checkout line to remind families to consider donating a notebook or Trapper Keeper on their way out the door. With all the excitement of the Back-to-School season, it was easy to forget that many parents didn’t have the discretionary income to purchase school supplies, and these old-school drives attempted to fill a need (and yes, we totally aged ourselves by referencing a “Trapper Keeper” for those who remember).

Fast forward a few decades and stores are still reminding us to think of others as they stock their shelves with school supplies. And, while the notebooks, pens and pencils that fill up the collection bins are helpful, children have other important back to school needs that tend to be overlooked. Since launching the annual Back to School campaign, Daymaker has collected input from our nonprofit partners on the unmet, school-related needs of the families they serve, and we have tried to fill those needs with support from our company partners. This ranges from lunch-boxes to reflection journals to water bottles--all items intended to help a child feel confident walking through their classroom door.

Filling a pressing community need helps companies play an important role in the cities where they work and live. The 2019 campaign, much like the inaugural 2018 campaign, also made the act of donating school supplies more personal and meaningful for employees. Some employees felt a wave of positive childhood memories as they picked out a favorite backpack for a child in their local community. Other employees recalled being the recipient of someone else’s generosity years earlier and were delighted at the chance to pay forward the kindness.

At the conclusion of the 2019 Back to School campaign, 800+ donors sent 2,500+ gifts to 1,100+ children across the country--a 4 fold increase from Daymaker’s first back-to-school campaign in 2018. Some more good news? Ten companies used Daymaker for the very first time with the 2019 Back to School campaign, and many existing partners saw donors participating in a Daymaker campaign for the second or third time.

From the Daymaker window, whether we looked left or right, new seeds of generosity were being planted while the ones from past campaigns were sprouting. And, nothing could make us happier.

Daymaker B2S Giving Summary


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