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A Season of Magic: Holiday Campaign

Spreading joy in the most magical time of year

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About the 'Season of Magic' campaign

There’s something subtle but unmistakeable when the air turns colder and the calendar approaches the turn of the year. It’s an air of possibility, of expectancy, and dare we say…of magic. We all feel it no matter our age, but the energy is most present for kids.

Daymaker was founded to make the holidays more special for the wonderful children we serve. This holiday season may feel different during a year in which we have all experienced an array of challenges, but the opportunity to share joy with kids in our communities has never been greater.

You have the ability to make magic for individual children who are supported by our nonprofit partners. The gifts are based on the specific wishes and needs of the children they serve, and include a mix of toys & books that will ignite their spirits when they arrive in the coming weeks. You can also give longer-term ‘Bundles’ that help keep kids inspired and engaged monthly into 2021, contributing to the continued development of a hopeful child.

For the first time, this campaign offers past donors the chance to continue supporting the same kid you’ve helped in previous campaigns. If this is your first time, welcome - we hope it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship where you’ll share resources and encouragement with these amazing children.

We hope you feel the energy during this Holiday season - the possibility of joy that’s there for all of us during this ‘Season of Magic.’

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