Launches in 20 days

Back-to-School 2021: A New Chapter

Meeting the times to create possibilities for kids nationwide

This campaign will be in live in July - we'll see your beautiful heart then.

About This Campaign

The calendar is turning towards a new school year as the seasons shift towards warmth, play, and enrichment. It’s a season of excitement as kids are growing, exploring, and becoming captivated by new interests. Yet it’s also an adjustment for everyone as we navigate a new normal.

Last year we brainstormed with our nonprofit partners nationwide on how to best help - then pivoted our back-to-school campaign to focus on at-home enrichment. In 2021, we’ve again collaborated with nonprofits to curate a mix of products and services that will help kids thrive this fall and beyond.

There is A New Chapter emerging in the story we are collectively authoring. And while the previous chapter included challenges and pain, it also left space for possibilities to emerge. If we’re guided by our hearts, we can help fill the pages with stories of mutual care and collaboration, and joy for children nationwide. We thank you for joining in the story.


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