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Hope at Home

Enabling kids to thrive in an altered environment as a new school year begins

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Josh Roberts supported 1 child
1 year ago
Josh purchased Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 4 for Juan from Friends of the Children - SF Bay Area
Brooke Roush supported 1 child
1 year ago
Brooke purchased Sulwe for Jack from Friends of the Children - SF Bay Area
Rachel Gerli supported 1 child
1 year ago
Rachel purchased Daymaker Discovery Bundle - Month 4 for Gema from 2Not1 Fatherhood and Families
Allison Swope supported 1 child
1 year ago
Allison purchased 8 items for Jovanny from Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County
Wyatt Smith supported 2 children
1 year ago
Wyatt purchased 10 items for Kahwaya and Roy from Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County
Peter Wylie supported 1 child
1 year ago
Peter purchased What Do You Do With An Idea? for Candy from Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club
Thomas Doochin supported 1 child
1 year ago
Thomas purchased Daymaker Discovery Bundle - Month 2 and Daymaker Discovery Bundle - Month 3 for Deangelo from Madison Square Boys & Girls Club
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Josh Roberts wrote to Juan
1 year ago
Hope you have fun with the book! I saw you enjoy reading about your sports heroes - I'd love to learn who some of them are. I'm a Miami Heat fan and admire Shaq and Dwyane Wade. Your friend, Josh
Brooke Roush wrote to Jack
1 year ago
Hi Jack! Keep working hard on your schoolwork. Proud of you. Please tell your mom that I think she's pretty awesome for supporting you in your education. Also...I saw that you want to be a professional football player. Would love to know your favorite team! Your Friend, Brooke
Allison Swope wrote to Jovanny
1 year ago
Jovanny! Sending you big love and all good wishes for a great school year. You are going to do great things this year, big and small, and I’m happy I could help out just the smallest bit. Remember to give your best effort, be kind and - most importantly - HAVE FUN! With Love, A
Thomas Doochin wrote to Deangelo
1 year ago
You have so many people looking out for you that you'll never know. Just know they're there. Always. And they want you to be so happy and free.
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About This Campaign

This year’s version of back-to-school support is designed to equip and inspire our most under-privileged youth to keep growing in an altered and challenging learning environment. There is no doubt that the pressures of a health pandemic combined with the continued effects of living life on the margins can dampen the light of hope for kids who are so full of potential. We are energized by having the ability to respond as a company, and to make this campaign available to our Friends & Family.

‘Hope at Home’ allows you to empower a specific child, learning about their circumstances at present and what they aspire towards. After giving, you can share a message of support along with your gift. You’ll have the chance to support the same child during Holiday giving later this year - making this campaign a step in helping meet a child’s unique challenges so that over time, they can grow into a life of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Learn more about Daymaker's latest evolution, the Receiver's Journey, which you'll see for the first time this campaign! It enables us to make a longitudinal change in the lives of the kids we'll see during the campaign. And, as always, please reach out to [email protected] if you are interested in turning on a giving page for your company.


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