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B2S 2021: A New Chapter

Meeting the times to create possibilities for kids nationwide

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Jeanne Donaghy supported 1 kid
1 month ago
Jeanne purchased The Giver and Chemistry - Brown Toy Box for Madeline from Paving the Way Project
Alicia Kwait-Blank supported 2 kids
1 month ago
Alicia purchased Elementary School Backpack Kit and Middle School Backpack Kit for Leyla and Madeline from Paving the Way Project
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About This Campaign

It’s a familiar feeling: the calendar turning towards a new school year and the potential it brings for children as they grow and explore new interests. Whether we’re returning to the office or the classroom, many of us are looking to return to structure and a feeling of normalcy. This campaign is about making the return to school the most enriching new chapter possible for the kids we serve, who rely on school for much of their basic well-being.

We can only imagine how good it will feel for children to see their friends again at school and revel in the simple joys of being kids together. School has an outsized importance for the communities we’re supporting; it can be a primary source for safety, consistent meals, and enrichment.

Our hope is that Back-to-School 2021 will mark more than just the next phase of a worn-out cycle where kids in under-served communities are at resource disadvantage from the very first day of school. . The pandemic widened learning gaps and created many challenges, but also made space for a new narrative to emerge

We believe in the emergence of a new chapter, in which we collectively focus on the equitable distribution of resources and possibilities like never before. If we’re guided by our hearts, we can create stories of mutual care and collaboration, and bring joy for children nationwide. We hope this campaign will play a small role towards that emerging reality, and we thank you for joining us.


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