Welcome to Give Now

Send a birthday gift to a child least expecting it. You’ll know exactly where it is going, and we’ll let you know the moment it arrives.

How it works

Find a buddy

Read about a buddy at one of our nonprofit partners who isn’t expecting much on their upcoming birthday, and get ready to brighten their day.

Send a gift

Find the perfect wish list item to send their way. Our partners help us choose gifts that will both excite and empower.

Picture a smile

We’ll ship it just in time for the buddy’s birthday and we’ll let you know when it arrives to the door of the nonprofit partner.

Find a Buddy

Who uses give now?

Parents starting the conversation

Give Now is a place for your family to send a birthday gift to an underserved child and to kick start the conversation about giving back.

Birthdays with no bash

Older kids opting out of a birthday party who still want to opt in to sharing their special day can with Give Now. No party, no problem.

Adults (kids at heart)

People of all ages can use Give Now to find a birthday buddy and send them the perfect wish list item that will brighten their day.

Find a buddy and send a gift.

Give Now