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Daymaker is seeking a high-performing, heart-centered ‘people-person’ to create new company relationships as we grow.

For context, Daymaker is a compassion platform. We believe in giving as a vehicle for us to promote our individual and collective well-being while transferring resources so every kid has the potential to lead a life of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

There is much we’d hope to share with anyone feeling led to explore joining our team - about our calling, and how and why we show up to work. In the absence of too many paragraphs, we share this video from our holiday campaign as a window into the essence of Daymaker.

More practically, our giving platform lets companies run seasonal giving campaigns like Back to School and Holidays that enable employees to purchase holistic items for specific children supported by local nonprofit partners.

We worked with 70 companies last year, including cultural leaders like InVision, Ultimate Software, and Movement Mortgage. We truly love serving companies and the possibilities that come when talented groups of people commit themselves to acts of generosity.

We think we're just scratching the surface of how we'll partner with organizations to drive positive change in their communities in ways that employees love being part of. We’re seeking the right person to lead us into the next phase as we build upon existing relationships, begin working with new companies, and actualize the future of what's possible.

Who we're looking for:

  • A true people person who loves serving others and recognizes the potential of unlocking generosity in a corporate setting
  • Someone who can embody the essence of Daymaker’s mission while meeting clients where they are, translating our value into success metrics that please our partners’ CEOs, CFOs, and People Leaders
  • The ideal candidate would have a background in business development, sales
  • Core skills are relating well to others, proactively creating solutions that make giving more compelling to a company, and problem solving. Proficiency making graphics / presentations is helpful
  • At least 2-3 years professional experience preferred
  • A fit with our team, which is fun, kind, and intentional

The specifics:

  • You’ll report directly to the CEO, Brent Macon, functioning as an individual contributor initially with the goal of building and managing a team over time
  • The role is full-time and based in Atlanta, ideal start time is May 2021 or soon thereafter
  • We have multiple years of funding; you’ll be compensated competitively, with a stake in the profit-sharing model we are presently developing. There is not equity involved - we do not approach Daymaker with the intention of selling it
  • It’s imperative on many levels that we build a team with a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds

Next steps if you're interested:

Please email [email protected] if you’d like to meet and discuss. Ideally you’d share a brief video saying hello and expressing interest, but a note is fine as well!

Additional resources on Daymaker:


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