Nonprofit Partners

Our trusted partners who enable us to bring the human family closer

Let's Work Together

How We Work with Our Partners

Daymaker partners with nonprofit organizations all across the country. Most of our nonprofit partners provide programs and services to at-risk children who are living in poverty, have been impacted by trauma and/or are in the foster care system. By partnering with Daymaker, these organizations can meet some of the tactical needs of the children they serve during key occasions throughout the year (e.g. Back to School, Holidays, Pre-Summer Prep). In addition, in the spirit of helping people feel a greater sense of connection to their community, our nonprofit partners may often collaborate with us on service activities and/or be advisors to our team.

Daymaker Nonprofit Partner Guidelines

Alignment to Daymaker’s Aim

Daymaker exists to help the human family remember we are all connected. Our nonprofit partners are philosophically supportive of our efforts to help people experience the light of being part of something bigger than themselves.

Serving Under-Resourced Children as a 501c3

We welcome all organizations with 501c3 who are providing programs and/or services to at-risk children who may be living in poverty, have been impacted by trauma or are in the foster care system. At this time, Daymaker is only able to create wish lists for children 0-14 years old.

Commitment to Onboarding Process

To enable a meaningful peer to peer giving experience, Daymaker requires organizations to provide a unique description (i.e. hobbies/interests) for each child. The descriptions allow Daymaker to curate personalize wish lists for each child and helps foster the intangible connection between giver and receiver. Note: Children’s identity/personal information will never be shared on Daymaker.

Adherence to Gift Distribution and Delivery Standards

To help ensure gifts arrive safely and are distributed to the intended recipient, Daymaker requires partners to follow our simple verification steps. These technology-supported-steps allow Daymaker to respond to any delivery issues, and they keep givers connected to their gift which encourages more acts of generosity.

The Daymaker Process

Step 1: Set up your organization’s profile on Daymaker. This simple step gives you access to the Daymaker portal and ensures we have your contact/shipping information.

Step 2: Prior to your first Daymaker campaign, update the Daymaker-provided roster with information about your children. We will use this information to curate personalized wish lists for each child.

Step 3: Once the campaign launches, givers may begin purchasing specific gifts off your children’s wish lists from Daymaker, and we will ship those items to your site(s). As gifts arrive, you will mark them as received using our Daymaker App.

Step 4: Distribute the gifts to the intended recipients and use Daymaker App to update gifts as “gifted” so givers know their presents have been delivered.

Step 5: Be on the lookout for an invitation from Daymaker to participate in the next campaign. If opting in, review your roster on Daymaker and make any additions/changes to your roster.

Whether you are on Step 1 or Step 5 of the journey, we hope you will find true pleasure in being a Daymaker partner. We have tremendous respect for the incredible work our high-impact nonprofit partners have in communities all across our country, and we treasure the relationship we have with each organization.