We work with you to provide child-specific resources that further your mission

We enable individual employees from corporations to become consistent supporters of the children you serve while broadening the compassion and empathy those donors feel through giving.

Let's Work Together

How We Work with Our Partners - the 'Receiver's Journey'

Daymaker partners with nonprofit organizations all across the country. Our nonprofit partners provide programs and services to at-risk children who are living in poverty, have been impacted by trauma and/or are in the foster care system. We make a long-term commitment to partner with our nonprofits for multiple years, ensuring we can help them empower the kids they serve over time.

By partnering with Daymaker, these organizations can receive gifts, supplies, and other holistic contributions that help the children they serve during key occasions throughout the year (e.g. Back to School, Holidays, Pre-Summer Prep).

Together, our goals are to prove that philanthropy can be done with humanity and integrity. That a platform can be built on compassion and empathy. That giving makes the world a better place when performed from a place of love and equity.

Our "Receiver's Journey" model ensures that the children we serve will be on our platform for 3+ years. Receiver's Journey is a longitudinal commitment between both Daymaker and your organization to ensure that (1) donations are made in good faith, (2) specific children are supported with resources across time, and (3) the experience is consistent, connected, and transparent for all involved.

'Winter Wonder' - our upcoming holiday giving campaign

The goal of our upcoming campaign is to help empower and inspire kids, both through one-time Holiday toys and ongoing support during an altered environment in 2021.

Wish list items include:

  • Toys related to the interests of the kids in your program

  • Books celebrating racial equity and diverse heroes

  • Daymaker Discovery Bundles, thematic boxes delivered monthly to spark curiosity and share hope

  • Food discovery kits that help kids learn about healthy, nutritious food and where it comes from

Contact us below to learn more about partnering together!

Daymaker Nonprofit Partner Guidelines

Alignment to Daymaker’s Aim

Daymaker exists to help us live into our innate love for one another while tangibly redistributing resources to those who need them to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our nonprofit partners are philosophically supportive of our efforts to help people experience the light of being part of something bigger than themselves.

Serving Under-Resourced Children as a 501c3

We welcome all organizations with 501(c)3 who are providing programs and/or services to at-risk children who may be living in poverty, have been impacted by trauma or are in the foster care system. At this time, Daymaker is able to create wish lists for children 0-14 years old.

Commitment to the Receiver's Journey Process

To enable a connective giving experience, Daymaker requires organizations to provide a unique description (i.e. hobbies/interests) for each child during a roster upload process. We also update content descriptions on children regularly as their circumstances evolve (e.g., sharing an update during the Fall on the children helped during the back-to-school giving campaign). Note: Children’s identity/personal information will never be shared on Daymaker.

Adherence to Gift Distribution and Delivery Standards

To help ensure gifts arrive safely and are distributed to the intended recipient, Daymaker requires partners to follow our simple verification steps. These technology-supported-steps allow Daymaker to respond to any delivery issues, and they keep givers connected to their gift which encourages more acts of generosity.

The Daymaker Process

Step 1: Set up your organization’s profile on Daymaker. This simple step gives you access to the Daymaker portal and ensures we have your contact/shipping information.

Step 2: Prior to your first Daymaker campaign, update the Daymaker-provided roster with information about your children. We will use this information to curate personalized wish lists for each child.

Step 3: Once the campaign launches, givers may begin purchasing specific gifts off your children’s wish lists from Daymaker, and we will ship those items to your site(s). As gifts arrive, you will mark them as received using our Daymaker App.

Step 4: Distribute the gifts to the intended recipients and use Daymaker App to update gifts as “gifted” so givers know their presents have been delivered.

Step 5: Work with our team over-time to update descriptions, answer questions about children, and share content that makes the giving experience more connective and engaging in-between campaigns.

It is our hope that you will love being a Daymaker partner and find that it adds value to your mission, adds resources and love for your children, and adds joy in the lives of the collective. We have tremendous respect for the incredible work our high-impact nonprofit partners have in communities all across our country, and we treasure the relationship we have with each organization.


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