New Partners

The Big Idea.

A giving platform unlike any other. We've created a birthday invitation and gift-purchasing platform where invited party guests can send gifts directly to a child who would otherwise go without, in honor of their friend hosting a Daymaker Birthday. Nonprofit partners let us know a little about the kids they work with every day, and donors are then able to matched and send empowering birthday gifts. Our aim is to create natural points of connection for donors to give much-needed items while maintaining the absolute privacy of recipients.

What we look for.

501(c)3 partners that work with children 0-12 who, for extenuating circumstances, will go without on their birthday. We partner with both hyperlocal and national partner... one team, one dream!

"Daymaker helps us connect in a meaningful way with the kids we work with every day." -- Rosa at Volunteers of America Los Angeles

"We look for opporunities to connect with our students' parents. Sometimes it feels like we're pulling at strings. Daymaker is a great excuse to get them in the room -- a reminder to maintain personal relationships." -- Chaniel at Mo' Magic in San Francisco

What kind of gifts?

We're focused on gifts that not only evoke immediate joy, but also foster the development of young minds. A book that tells Gracie that she can become president, a backpack to make school all the more exciting, and coming soon, TOMS shoes will make every step one made with confidence. Donors purchase items supplied by manufacturing parters we trust, and the list is growing every day!

Visibility & Donor Engagement

Families come to the site looking for a birthday buddy and simultaneously learn about new agencies in their community. When they choose a birthday buddy from yours, they'll not only become a first time donor, but they'll invite their network to join in!

For long-term supporters, we'll create partner-specific link to share with them another touchpoint where they can support your agency (while bringing their kids into the conversation!)

Inside each gift box:

Days before the recipient's birthday, 4-5 meaningful birthday gifts arrive! We'll also include a note where the birthday buddy can share how special their birthday was, postage included. We'll then share with the donors who made it possible!

Questions? Schedule a phone call here:

[email protected]