Yearmaker Letter from CEO

Hi Daymaker Friend,

If we have not met, I am Thomas Doochin, one of the co-founders and the present CEO at Daymaker. In the case you did not see our email in early March, We wanted to inform you that we have put a pause on our Yearmaker program. If you don’t read anything beyond this paragraph, please know that we were touched by your belief and support in our annual offering we piloted last year. So were the kids you helped--both in the meaningful gifts that went and the message it sent that there were other humans out there that cared, loved, and supported them on their journeys. Thank you for bringing more love into our collective human experience. If you’re curious to know more, I have added some of our perspectives below.

What about any Yearmaker packages that are still ongoing? (e.g. have not completed 5 giving opportunities or the corresponding # of gifts)

We have issued you a refund to your credit card for any non-purchased gifts + refund 1 additional opportunity (e.g. if you've given twice under a Yearmaker Original Package, you'll get $100 back). We recognize we are altering the agreement we set when we outlined 5 giving opportunities so we’d like to give you something extra back. We hope you feel honored in this arrangement.

What happens to the kids we helped/are helping?

Fortunately, all of the kids will move back into our general giving database, which means they can be gifted to at any giving campaign unless they leave the programming of the sponsoring org. We aim to make sure every kid listed at each opportunity gets at least one gift, and we have been successful in doing this in our past two campaigns. The kids you have helped remain dear to our hearts.

What led you all to this decision // what is going on in the Daymaker world?

We started building Yearmaker in the summer of 2018 to try and address something we were seeing quite frequently: people had this beautiful desire to give more consistently, but life also just happens, and giving often fell off the radar. The goal was to not just be another “set it and forget it” charity option. Daymaker has always been about helping people feel the yumminess in giving, and when we forget we’re even giving, we don’t feel those magical feelings. So, the goal was to have a recurring option that still helped the giver feel connected to their act of generosity.

It also came at a very interesting time in the company. We had just let go the majority of our team as were almost out of capital, and we weren’t sure what the future held. I personally believed in Yearmaker enough to commit to seeing it out for a year even if it were just me when all the dust settled so we built it. I loved what it could do; I still do. And with that said, the universe seems to be leading Daymaker in another direction. We made it through the summer and fall of 2018, counting pennies, with the very core of our team. The 2018 holiday season ended up being a wonderful success as we built out our employee giving product, and over 25 companies participated. As we spent more time with companies and as we understood more about the group dynamic, we realized we could really serve our aim of helping people deeply connect with their innate generosity through the form of a company environment.

This past holiday season, we worked with 43 companies ranging from Fortune 50 organizations to some of the fastest growing startups. We were grateful for the level of engagement and the depth of quality of their feedback; we are eager for what’s to come as we’re now signing up companies for our annual offering.

The vision for Yearmaker was always a multi-year relationship--one where communication would be established, and at some point, perhaps time together in-person to simply be human with one another. We believed that if we formed a connective relationship digitally, there was a future where the dynamic could evolve far beyond that, and the ‘donor’ could give more systemic aid to the ‘receiver.” And in that process, we hoped some of the walls between giver and receiver would come down. To do this requires a lot of intention and resources. It’s not something that can come to fruition like we intend as a secondary offering. At present, our resources and our hearts are aligned in exploring the blossoming of our work with companies. Yearmaker always will hold a special place in my heart, and for now, that feeling simply will not be acted upon. It doesn’t feel we can do Yearmaker the justice it deserves as present.

Will Yearmaker ever come back?

We remain very open, and I would love for it to. If it does, it would be because a) we see it as a way to deepen our mission of bringing the human family closer together and b) we have the resources to give it all the attention it merits.

Thank you for believing in this with us. I cannot tell you the joy I felt every time I got a notification someone purchased a Yearmaker package. Every single one. You all touched our hearts. Your belief in us at an uncertain time enabled us to keep going, and although we’re heading in a different direction for now, we wouldn’t have this opportunity if not for the 130 of you saying yes to Yearmaker. I hope it meant something for you and your family too.

If we can ever be of service to you, please let us know. Thank you for all of your love, and we are sending it right back,

Thomas & The Daymaker Team