Introducing Yearmaker: Your favorite giving experience now with a lasting impact.

A one-time commitment to help a specific child in need five times over the next year.

Become a Yearmaker

Choose your Yearmaker package

Select how many gifts you’d like to give to your buddy at each occasion. There will be 5 giving occasions over the next year, beginning with holiday giving right now! You can give between 1 and 3 gifts at each occasion.

Match with a buddy

You will be matched with a child in need in your community from one of our high-impact nonprofit partners. Daymakers buddies typically have less access to the resources they need to help them grow into healthy and happy kids.

Choose the first gifts

You will see the actual wish list of your buddy and select a gift in just a few clicks. These gifts are shipped from our warehouse directly to the sponsoring nonprofit! You’ll be notified at every step of the way and receive digital communication from the nonprofit + buddy.

Support one, specific child for an entire year.

Each wish list with have 4 items you can choose from that have been carefully selected by our nonprofit partners for your buddy (You also can automate this choice for future giving occasions).

Become a Yearmaker
Surprise Josh with a winter coat and a new basketball.
Spring Giving
Provide Josh with building blocks and a new book.
Buddy's Birthday
Gift Josh two toys that get him excited about science.
Summer Enrichment
Send Josh books that help him learn over summer.
Back to School
Equip Josh with the backpack and shoes he needs for a great year.

Using Yearmaker as a Parent

As your child grows into a wonderful human, they can help another child just like them grow and thrive.

Yearmaker enables your family to form a unique bond with another child who is similar in age, interests, and locations to your child. As your child grows up, they’ll already have a tangible connection to another child in different circumstances whose life with also have been incredibly, positively affected by this bond.

Gifting Yearmaker

Yearmaker can be the perfect gift for a special someone in your life that loves helping others.

Yearmaker has been designed to act as the perfect present for: a special child in your life, new or expectant parents close to you, or that friend who doesn’t want any more things. After selecting your package and buddy, you’ll be able to share the gift, and the recipient will see all of the updates along the way throughout the next year.

Frequently Asked Questions

We partner with 50+ high-impact nonprofit partners around the country that work with children in low-income, underserved communities. The partners include Public Housing Agencies, Title 1 Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and children's hospitals among many other partners doing fantastic work.

Daymaker is proud to operate at the intersection of profit and purpose as a C-corp. From the founding days, we said we did not want to charge a donor to give or charge a nonprofit to receive. We've been fortunate to work out relationships with our manufacturers as we are buying items in bulk and selling them at the minimum retail value. This margin allows us to continue doing the good we aim for without having to charge donors, nonprofits, or solicit charitable contributions. All donations through Daymaker are tax-deductible as they are an in-kind donation to the nonprofit; Daymaker is simply the technology fostering the donation.

First and foremost, the children we are helping through our nonprofit partners are experiencing challenging circumstances throughout the entirety of the year. The unfortunate reality is that the holiday season is not the only time where they are going without products that could provide a tangible and emotional lift. But, it is when most people are thinking about giving (35% of giving is done in December). We want to enable a wonderful experience for the donor while playing our part in trying to provide sustainable aid throughout the year for our recipients. Yearmaker is no more expensive than the old Daymaker for those looking to fill a full wish list or help multiple kids. The only difference: we’re spreading out the good over the course of the year. For example, if you normally come and fill the wish lists of two children during holiday giving, you can now help those same two kids throughout the entire year for no additional cost and with no more work on your end. At present, we do not have a solution for those looking to buy one or two items without being a part of a company or school page. For those looking to know more, please reach out. We spent a lot of time reflecting on this and are moving in the direction we feel best honors those receiving and giving.

Yearmaker is for EVERYBODY. Most frequently, we see parents buying Yearmaker for their young kids OR aunts/uncles/godparents/friends buying Yearmaker in honor of a special child in their life. We also see a lot of kind-hearted adults using Yearmaker on their own or gifting it to a friend for the holidays.

We work with our nonprofit partners to select gifts that serve a tangible need while also providing a special moment for the child receiving. Different organizations have unique preferences based on the time of year and other programming happening. Most times, Daymaker looks to provide a few age-appropriate, baseline items that adhere to the organization’s preference while also including a few items related specifically to the child’s wishes and interests.

It is our goal to create a lasting connection between you (and your child) and your buddy if both families choose to do so. After the second giving occasion, we will enable digital communication if both parties opt-in. As the relationship continues to grow, we plan to foster deeper opportunities to connect.

You do not have to log in everytime! While signing up, you will have the ability to automate donations at future giving occasions. This means Daymaker will select a gift on your behalf for your buddy and send you an email with what was purchased. If you’d like to sign up this holiday season and know the good will automatically happen throughout the year, you can count on us to do just that and share the good news.

Parents are the primary role models for their kids. We want to help you model kindness and understanding for your kids from an early age while making a lasting impact on the life of another child. We believe Yearmaker will help you create tangible, meaningful footprints your kids will be proud to follow in. We also understand parenting doesn’t enable a lot of free time so we’ve designed Yearmaker to fit into your busy life without losing the impact.

During sign-up, you’ll have the opportunity to select Yearmaker as a gift. You can either enter the email of the lucky person in your life, or we’ll provide a print-out you are able to give in person. Moving forward, that person will then be notified of every gift that is purchased and follow along the updates from the buddy. It’s a wonderful gift to give to anybody who loves helping deserving kiddos.

It does! With this one-time, up-front commitment, all gifts (including shipping + tax) will be covered at the next giving occasions. For example, if you select the Yearmaker Double this holiday season, you have 10 gifts to give across the next 5 opportunities. At each one, you are able to select an additional gift at its retail price if you’d like (beyond the two gifts already paid for).

"We’ve loved helping during the holidays. This is an opportunity for us to keep giving throughout the year and do something truly meaningful for someone less fortunate that we can really understand. It doesn’t break the bank, and we love that Daymaker automates it when we forget."

Molly, Past Donor

"I adore the concept. It’s an easy way to continue charity throughout the year without a lot of work in addition to creating a lasting connection with the beneficiary. I know that my older girls are more interested and engaged when they know exactly who they are helping, so we’re starting early with the baby."

Harish, Dad of 2

"My sister is expecting her first child, and I was searching for the perfect gift to honor her new journey through parenthood and the new baby. Yearmaker is what I’ve been looking for!"

Maya, Aunt

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