Daymaker is a way to translate desires to end racial injustice into positive, concrete action - by empowering kids from marginalized communities.

Your people can help, together.

Why partner with Daymaker for our upcoming back-to-school giving campaign?

  • Employees love giving together, especially while remote

  • The needs have never been greater for the kids we serve. You can help!

  • Provide a tangible action for employees to help combat racial injustice

"I am proud to work for a company who supports initiatives, such as Daymaker, that make it so easy to give (even for those who don't usually give back regularly). I also love that it gives our teams something to rally behind as we come together to give back."

- surveyed Daymaker donor, 2019

Success Story: InVision uses Daymaker to engage one of the largest fully-distributed workforces

"Daymaker has been an incredible way for InVisioners to showcase one of our company Principles, GO-GETTING AND GO-GIVING. We stand by this principle and look for opportunities to give back to our team and the world around us. Daymaker has presented InVision with a seamless, meaningful, quick and easy to use platform that helps kids and families in need.

InVisioners are also able to submit their donation receipts from Daymaker for InVision matching, which goes back to the child's non-profit and supports organizations like the Boy & Girls Club to further the giving. Daymaker has been a gift to countless children across the country, and a gift to our company."

Sadie Short  Senior Manager, Employee Experience

The elements of your Daymaker partnership

Personalized Plan for Your Success

Our team helps you plan the campaign logistics and what engagement tactics will ensure that employees love it 

Giving Campaigns on Your Company-Branded Daymaker Site

Back to School and Holiday campaigns are favorites for employee participation

Volunteering in Connection Giving Campaigns

Employees can connect directly with the kids they have been empowering

Highlighting Your Positive Impact

Giving participation metrics - along with periodic content updates about the specific kids you've helped - underscores the connection for your company

Our Annual Packages


Priced per Campaign

  • 1-3 digital giving campaigns; supporting communications and engagement assets
  • Customizable company giving page
  • Digital / in-office engagement activation
  • Campaign kickoff call with Daymaker team
  • Unique ways for employees to continue their financial support for specific kids / organizations

Premium Giving

Annual Partnership

In addition to all "Giving" offerings:

  • Daymaker Ambassador employee champion program
  • Company-specific "Why I Give" giving story video filmed on-site
  • Customized campaign comms for different employee cohorts
  • "Daymaker Live" in-person campaign engagement events

Giving & Service

Custom Offering

In addition to all "Premium Giving" offerings:

  • Custom in-person service events with Daymaker nonprofit partners, organized & executed by the Daymaker team
  • Additional custom employee and/or customer-facing giving campaign(s)

We are waiving our fee for the Back to School campaign

We recognize that it’s a tough season to launch a new initiative like giving. We are waiving our normal annual fee, instead asking companies to pay what they are able for the remaining two campaigns this year.

We’re taking a multi-year view, trying to help change the trajectory of kids on the Daymaker platform and bring joy to the companies we partner with. We hope you will join us!

Thank you for your interest in speaking with us. We are excited to start a conversation about working together, and the potential for meaningful connection that our partnership could generate.


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