Our Holiday giving campaign connects companies with under-served communities

Our platform lets employees support kids from local nonprofits -- so your people can rally together through the joy of doing good in their communities.

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Our Platform - the Daymaker Offering

  • We help companies run seasonal giving campaigns like Back to School and Holidays where employees can read about specific under-resourced children and purchase gifts from individual kids' wish lists.

  • Givers can share messages of encouragement along with their gifts, and can also purchase longer-term support for the kids via our monthly 'Daymaker Discovery Bundles' that are designed to help children stay inspired and engaged during an altered year.

  • Donors can support the same child over multiple campaigns, and we share periodic progress updates throughout the year - so company employees get to make a long-term positive impact by partnering with Daymaker. 

  • We make it effortless for companies to run the campaign on our donation platform - our team helps with communications, visuals and engagement assets, and campaign wrap-up graphics. It's easier to run than Toys for Tots or Angel Tree.

Our Value - the Daymaker Difference

Foster Meaningful Connections

Daymaker is built for teams to connect around their act of generosity.

Teams feel united following the specific local child they are empowering with gifts and financial support.

Help Heal Disparities Across Race and Class

We help redistribute resources from communities with an abundance to those in the most need.

Daymaker is an invitation to begin to heal what has transpired in the past.

National Workforces, Local Impact

Run one company-wide initiative where employees can connect with kids in their local communities.

This shared experience boosts engagement and is perfect for remote workforces.

Simple and Easy to Run

Our team does the work - from page set-up, to drafting comms, and measuring engagement.

One person from your team hits send, and the magic happens.

Trusted Nonprofit Partners

We partner with over 50 leading 501(c)3 nonprofit partners serving children in high-trauma/high-poverty communities.

Your people can count on their generosity to create the most good.

Higher Employee Participation

With our digital platform, Daymaker campaigns see ~2x-4x higher engagement compared to fundraising campaigns or physical toy drives.

Engagement improves over time as each campaign builds on the prior, while inviting new employees into the giving fold.


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