Inspiring the big hearts of little kids

We provide a real, personal, and simple giving opportunity for your child and help them share the good of giving with their community.

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Helping your child do good and feel good about it

Daymaker is the new way kids are helping those less fortunate. Most children choose to be a Daymaker on their birthdays, which means they invite friends to donate a gift to someone just like them rather than bring one to the party. We want to help kids understand the big difference they can make in the world around them—in a way that’s relatable for the kids, easy for the parents, and celebrated by party guests.

Everybody can be a Daymaker


There are two things I want to instill in my children—to do things that make them happy, and to learn how to serve and to give back to others in their community. Daymaker was the perfect opportunity to do both.

Mary, Mom of Katie


For my birthday, me and my friends went to Sport Connection! ... My friends liked that they could send gifts to a girl who wasn't going to have any. We felt good because my birthday buddy felt good.

Millie, 9


This type of kindness and giving will always be remembered and much appreciated. It's made a tremendous impact with our children and families.

Rosa, Volunteers of America

Here's how you can get involved

Party & Give

Our online party invitation service helps you invite friends to your child’s party and give back in the process.

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Give Now

Send a birthday gift to a child least expecting it. You’ll know exactly where it is going, and we’ll let you know the moment it arrives.

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