Inspiring the
big hearts
of little kids

We believe that kids who give become adults who give. That’s why we provide families with a real, personal and simple way to give to children in need.

Give Today

It’s never too early to celebrate kindness

Whether you’re a parent of a toddler or a tween, Daymaker is here to help you start the conversation with your family about helping others.

How it works

Choose a reason
to give

From birthdays to holidays and everything in between, our platform allows you to give in a real, personal and simple way.

Identify a child
to help

We partner with local chapters of high-impact nonprofit organizations to create descriptions of each and every child they serve.

Buy a gift and watch
the magic happen

Select and purchase meaningful items from one or many wish lists, and follow along as gifts are sent directly to the child's sponsoring nonprofit.

Find a giving opportunity

Real gifts to real kids

We work very closely with the local chapters of high impact 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that serve children and families in their communities and understand the unique needs in those communities.

"This type of kindness and giving will always be remembered. It's made a tremendous impact with our children and families."

Rosa, Volunteers of America

"Most of these children have a history of trauma and have difficulty enjoying the holiday season as a result. It is truly a gift these children that there is a network of people that care"

Erin McKay, Dare Family Services

The many faces of Daymaker

We’re celebrating the 9,067 kids that have been a part of Daymaker so far. They’ve done incredible good while inspiring those around them to be changemakers as well.

The research shows that just thinking about giving makes parents and children more charitable.

Current giving opportunities

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