About Daymaker

Meet the Team

  • Ghazale Johnston

    Tehran, Iran • February 22

  • Jack Wohlfert

    Chicago, IL • January 27

  • Zack Newbauer

    Raleigh, NC • September 15

  • Thomas Doochin

    Nashville, TN • May 15

  • Smita Peri

    Passaic, NJ • September 19

  • Sarah Krawcheck

    Atlanta, GA • October 12

  • Katie Dickerson

    Columbus, OH • August 3

  • Christen Whitaker

    P.G. County, MD • August 25

The Daymaker Mission

A little over a year ago, we set out to create the most convenient, transparent, and meaningful giving experience for kids. In that period, we've laughed, we've cried, and we've believed in a better world.

Our Story

When you think about it, the Daymaker story really begins back in the 90’s. While we were thinking about a Capri Sun or the day’s CatDog episode, our parents were thinking ahead. They were already surrounding us with experiences that demonstrated the importance of giving back to those less fortunate, and we were learning whether we realized it or not. Years later we found ourselves sharing these experiences in a late-night conversation in Horton Residence Hall. We thought, what if every kid grew up developing an admiration for giving? And what if it were easier for parents to have these conversations? What would the world look like? That night the idea for Daymaker was born—we would create the most convenient, transparent, and meaningful way for kids to give back.

How we got here

As a result of those who believed in a group of kids with a big idea, Daymaker launched a pilot test during the 2014 holiday season. We worked with some of the largest and most respected nonprofits around the country and helped thousands of individuals have a special holiday season. Feedback from donors (especially children!), nonprofits, and corporations was overwhelming positive. We’re now expanding faster than ever with the intention of making a difference in the lives of every child through the power of birthdays. If we’re not yet in your city, we’ll be there soon. If we are, email us, text us, call us—do whatever; we want to hear from you.