About Daymaker

Meet the Team

  • Thomas Doochin

    Nashville, TN • May 15

  • Jack Wohlfert

    Chicago, IL • January 27

  • Ghazale Johnston

    Tehran, Iran • February 22

  • Smita Peri

    Passaic, NJ • September 19

  • Zack Newbauer

    Raleigh, NC • September 15

  • Sarah Krawcheck

    Atlanta, GA • October 12

  • Katie Dickerson

    Columbus, OH • August 3

  • Christen Whitaker

    P.G. County, MD • August 25

  • Ariel Redmond

    Holmdel, NJ • December 15

The Daymaker Mission

We believe in people. We believe giving can feel good and be easy. We believe helping others can be as rewarding as receiving. That’s something to celebrate.

Our Story

When you think about it, the Daymaker story really begins back in the 90s. While we were thinking about a Capri Sun or the day’s CatDog episode, our parents were thinking ahead. They were already surrounding us with experiences that demonstrated the importance of giving back to those less fortunate, and we were learning whether we realized it or not. Years later we found ourselves sharing these experiences in a late-night conversation in Horton Residence Hall. We thought, what if every kid grew up developing an admiration for giving? And what if it were easier for parents to have these conversations? What would the world look like? That night the idea for Daymaker was born—we would create the most convenient, transparent, and meaningful way for kids to give back.

How we got here

In 2014, a couple of high-impact, nonprofit organizations believed in a group of college kids with a big idea and used Daymaker’s pilot platform to foster holiday giving. Three years later, those same nonprofits (and over 100 others) are receiving gifts from Daymaker year round from donors in all 50 states. Our community has continued to grow based on the very same belief that led us to create Daymaker. As the team has grown, we have brought in some of the brightest minds from the White House and top Fortune 500 companies, several of whom are parents as well. Each story, each donor, and each gift bring us the same joy they did in that very first year. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our journey so far.