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The beginning of our journey together

Our holiday giving platform enables employees to read about specific, under-resourced children in their community and buy real items off their needs list in just a few clicks. We have found it to be an ideal introduction to giving through Daymaker: it is accessible, convenient, and personal. A small contribution goes a long way in feeling the impact of one’s generosity—especially when experienced as a collective. We hope an employee leaves this experience and says, "I want more of that feeling."

The next step in our journey together

Once the seed is planted with an employee, we work with you to help water and nurture that seed. Individuals in the beginning of their journey will taste what is possible if they continue on with their peers and will have an opportunity to be guided and inspired by colleagues on their own respective journeys. We are designing this journey to be focused on depth instead of scale. A journey measured by the connection and authenticity one feels—not by the dollars given or hours volunteered.

Why the Workplace?

We have found companies can provide a safe and accessible space for employees to explore giving. We have seen the group dynamic significantly amplify the impact of the giving and build bridges that other activities don’t. We see these new connections within companies as fields of love that help invite others within the company—and ultimately the world—to participate. We end up with more creative, connective, and open workplaces that are good for our world.

We are looking to work with companies who know—or want to explore—the notion that giving and service can spark the creation of a culture of depth, connection, and aliveness.

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